Does it bother you that greedy, rich people and the politicians they buy continue to steal your money, your constitutional rights and your future? Are you fed up with them cheating you and taking you for a fool while they destroy our democracy and our country?

If you really care about the future of our country and the American way of life, it is important that YOU do something about it now, before it's too late. If you are wondering what you can do beyond complaining, or how to do something that can actually solve the main problem, then you have found the right web site.

Important: The root cause of most of our country's major problems is the corrupting influence of money in politics. We cannot solve the other problems until we solve this underlying problem. By using this web site, you can help MOP supporters and volunteers get the Money Outta Politics in the USA.

Some people believe it's impossible to get money out of politics. But it CAN be done and, to save our country, it MUST be done. We have a solution (comprehensive legislation) and a sound strategy (the 20% solution) to enact the legislation. It will work if you help us inform enough voters.

Caution: Be careful not to get side-tracked by heavily-financed, glitzy web sites or TV and radio sound bites about a constitutional amendment, petition drives (used to get your email address) or other approaches that are used to solicit your money but have virtually no chance of getting money out of politics. We invite you to use this humble web site, built by MOP volunteers, to learn the truth about money in politics and how we can actually solve the problem. Ready to learn? Start here:

In the interest of the United States of America (USA) and its people, we call your attention to the following:

Greedy, rich and powerful individuals and corporations have been taking unfair advantage of their wealth and power and using unethical means to increase their wealth and power while causing great harm to both the USA and its people.

The unethical activities of these individuals and corporations (The Corrupt) has so damaged our economy and so corrupted our political system that we are in danger of permanently losing our financial security, our way of life and our democracy.

Because of the irresistible corrupting influence of the gigantic amounts of money politicians take from The Corrupt, most individuals in Congress represent the interests of The Corrupt, not "We the People". Instead of representing you, these politicians are focused on keeping the money coming in from The Corrupt so they can get re-elected and get even more money. Yes, you can still vote; but what impact does your vote have when nearly all the candidates get corrupted?

Many people ask: What is Money Outta Politics (MOP)? The briefest answer is as follows:

  1. Comprehensive legislation to get the corrupting influence of Money Out of Politics
  2. A sound strategy to get the legislation enacted, whether it takes a few months or many years.

Among its many functions, this web site will serve as a digital democracy tool to get the money out of politics. Using a technique called single-issue voting, MOP will help voters defeat corrupt incumbent politicians who fail to support legislation to get money out of politics. To help accomplish this, the candidates (incumbent or challenger) that MOP recommends will be posted on the MOP Voting Guide web page.

We engage the power of single-issue voting by using the Vote for MOP web page, at election time, to unseat those politicians who don't support MOP -- regardless of their party affiliation or their stand on other issues. Since most other voters normally cancel each other out by voting along party lines, we should be able to swing the elections in favor of MOP-friendly candidates.

If and when you want to dig in and read all the details about MOP, you can view the MOP treatise, a very informative PDF document. It explains the MOP strategy and includes a conceptual draft of the MOP legislation. But first, to get started, we recommend that you take a tour of some selected MOP web pages: